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Exclusively Offered by GIS




Watercraft Insurance Policy for Fishermen

Anglers Advantage Insurance Program

A watercraft insurance policy designed exclusively for fishing enthusiasts!

Because fishing enthusiasts are experienced boat operators who take pride in maintaining their boats, motors and trailers, they typically represent reduced risks of insurance exposure.  All the same time, they need special marine coverage.

That is why Old United Casualty Company, one of the most innovative watercraft insurance specialists in the country, has written this unique, comprehensive watercraft insurance "package" policy specifically for fishermen.  ANGLERS ADVANTAGE provides "agreed value" insurance protection for your peace of mind.  In addition to providing all-new, state-of-the-art coverages under this one policy, ANGLERS ADVANTAGE also incorporates special premium discounts.  You receive comprehensive coverage at a very affordable price!

ANGLERS ADVANTAGE provides all the coverages listed under the SUPERIOR COVERAGE selection....AND  MORE!  Old United automatically provides you with higher "standard" limits for various coverages than most competitors...

PLUS  the following new broader coverages:

  • Increased Uninsured Boater's Coverage Limits that now match the Watercraft Liability Coverage Limits you choose
  • Broader Medical Payments Coverage which is now primary for all passengers that are not "insureds" under the Policy and excess for all "insureds"
  • "Limited" Contractual Liability Coverage
  • Leased Watercraft Coverage
  • OPTIONAL: The Advantage Plus Endorsement Package includes the following Coverages:
  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage
  • Waiver Of Scheduling PERSONAL EFFECTS (Over $500 In Value)
  • Additional Repairs Coverage (as long as you own your watercraft and continuously insure it with us)
  • Hurricane Haul -Out Protection Coverage

You still have the ability to personally customize your watercraft's policy by choosing even higher coverage limits and/or lower deductibles to suit your individual needs at a minimal additional cost.








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